(Past) Activities

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Current activities

Netwerk Platteland / GUUS

I act as community manager to GUUS, also known as #guusnet, a Dutch community around “platteland” or countryside. Netwerk Platteland is now the home of GUUS.

There is a weekly chat for GUUS on Twitter, recently on Tuesdays at 2100 hrs. The tag used is #guusnet. It is an equivalent of #agchat as known in various countries. The difference is that for #guusnet, instead of having a agro-chat, rural development and nature management are deliberately included as part of the target group, as most of the issues in the Dutch rural areas have to do with competing claims or interests. I act as a moderator to this chat and I post summaries of the chat on the Netwerk Platteland blog.

Groene Dingen

With Netwerk Platteland and Coers Internet Training I developed a complete course for social media, specifically for the green sectors. With green sectors we mean agriculture, nature conservation and rural development. The course covers 14 of the most-used social media tools and emphasizes the use of social media for lifelong learning, networking and connecting. The entire course can be found on the web, to be used open source by as many people as possible. It is called Groene Dingen. We also offer custom-made courses based on the same curriculum.


FoodPolitics.eu is a webcampaign using social media.

Looking at the future of European agriculture, our food, we need new partnerships. Now, more than ever, we have the means to build such partnerships.

FoodPolitics.eu is the start of Europe-wide networking about agriculture. It is at present funded by the Dutch Ministry. The activities are both online and offline and cross several boundaries:

-the core is a unique collaboration between young farmers and young ‘foodies’;

-jointly, they look at european policy-making in the CAP reform process, forging connections with civil servants, activists and politicians in the process;

-with help of personal and organisational international networks (CEJA for the young farmers, Slow Food Youth Network for the ‘foodies’) the dicsussion is spread across Europe.

I am a loyal reader and occasional contributor to Foodlog.nl, a member of KM4dev community and of CPsquare.

I founded, together with Co Scholten, the interactive website Melken over de Grens, for Dutch dairy farmers around the world.

I founded a blog for dairy farmers in Portugal and I am part of Portuguese dairy farmers association APROLEP.
Past activities

Together with Dorine Ruter I designed and organised ‘learning trajectories’, Leertrajecten. Up to 100 participants at a time participated in online training for social media and local development. This evolved into Groene Dingen.

For a leading Dutch farmers’ weekly (‘Boerderij’)  I used to initiate and moderate online discussions. Introductions and summaries were cross-published in print. Some of them have been cross-post on this blog: link to discussions

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