My name is Josien Kapma.

I trained as Water Management Engineer (MSc.), in Wageningen, the Netherlands. I also did a postdoctoral diploma in Development Management in the UK. I specialized in institutional development for water management. Capacity building and organizational development have been central throughout my career.

Broad view and practical way
For 10 years I worked for engineering bureaus (ARCADIS, Royal Haskoning)
in change processes that included multiple stakeholders. The longest post abroad was four years in Egypt, working on farmer organisations and public reform, for the Ministry of Irrigation. Before that I also worked in Latin and Central America, Asia and several countries in Europe.

From training to networked learning and community stewardship
I am an experienced trainer and developer of training curricula. I have a practical way of working, assembling elements from a repertoire of methodologies. e.g. for the appraisal of knowledge systems, establishing dialogue and engagement, capacity building, organizational development, and network analysis.

At present, my work as independent advisor is still centered around collaboration across boundaries, often about common goods (water, knowledge) and for the common good (local or rural development). I am intrigued by the role of Internet and social media, I think communities and online spaces are important for learning and meaning making.

My husband and I, since 2004, live at and work from our dairy farm in Portugal. We are parents to three beautiful children born between 2001 and 2004.

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