Extending the conversations at ESEE – social reporting

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 by


Between 15 and 19 September 2009 European experts will gather in Italy for the 19th European Seminar on Extension Education.At ESEE I will be presenting a paper written by Eelke Wielinga and me titled Web2.0 in the Green Knowledge System, illustrating experiences with knowledge sharing in agriculture and rural development using web2.0 and online communities. GUUS, where i act as community manager, is one of the main cases in the article.

In order to not only talk about new ways of working, but demonstrate them, I have started “The 19th ESEE Blog“. The blog is meant..

… to help communicate before and during the seminar. It will give participants the opportunity to prepare for our meeting before travelling, to toy around with some of the thinking of others, to get to know some of the speakers. Maybe to start discussing. In short, this blog will help extend our conversations.

This is what i did/will be doing:

  • discuss the idea of a blog for social reporting with organizors and a scientific committee member.
  • set up the blog. I took a neutral theme and used their header for a header. I put in the first post, in the About and as a permanent text in the right margin links to the main site.
  • not duplicate, but link to, information on the official website for the 19th ESEE.
  • include the option for email subscriptions
  • ask the organizing team to help promotion of the blog on the main website and other sites
  • announce the blog by email to all registered participants
  • in my emails with team members and in the newsletter i always include the link to subcribing to the blog by email
  • publish a few first posts, hopefully with visuals
  • by back channel nudge people to react and contribute to the blog

Using a blog in this way is what we have called “social reporting”. I have done social reporting at several other occassions. Wonder how it will work out this time!