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Agenda for discussing with Bev after cycling

1) Identity and connected futures
I wrote in another blogpost:

Instead of having one physical surrounding, one social circle where everyone else knows each other as well, we live in different life worlds; for school, work, family and Internet. Different parts of my life, of my social circles, are very much separated. E.g. People I meet, do not read anything of what I read (or write, ha!). And I find I do only dosed cross-pollinating as a bumble bee, more often just butterflying from one scene to the next.

So instead of connecting, building bridges, varying diets, it sometimes only seems we are collectively practising our capability to live dis-jointed lifes. I think we have come to accept, even appreciate these separations. We are becoming very good at switching from one “life-world” to the next. We are all become more used to living in multiple different (sub-)cultures. Where we have sub-identieies.

Now Connected Futures arrive.
What happens?

Will our now dis-jointed life-worlds increasingly connect? How will we manage the different sub-cultures?

2) Community management by Chris Brogan and Nancy White

3) Bev’s view on World 3.0, slow community and attention economy
To do with increasing collective ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how to re-appreciate attention and express value.

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