Blended organizations

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The example below for me illustrates what i said in my previous blogpost: “Organizations will stay. Bosses will stay. But still, things will change and gradually, this will have deep impact.”

Andrew McAfee describes how organizations transitioning to be “Enterprise2.0” could have tools that respect existing organization structures, yet still  foster freeform and emergent collaboration.

Awareness Networks builds, hosts, and deploys integrated E2.0 suites for an impressive roster of customers. Each Awareness installation is called a ‘community,’ and each community can contain multiple neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are simply ways to categorize the content that gets contributed over time, and are defined in advance by the people who commissioned the site. Since these people are usually the bosses of the company (or are at least acting on their behalf) neighborhoods tend to reflect the formal organizational structure or goals of the company, or some combination of the two. (…)

Bosses can control who has the ability to view, comment, edit, post, and vote by neighborhood. People can blog, contribute to wikis, participate in polls, votes, and discussions, upload photos and videos, etc. within any of these neighborhoods. Search, tagging, and linking work across all the content that a user can access, regardless of neighborhood.   (…) An Awareness community therefore has both imposed and emergent structure, in what feels to me like the right proportions.

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