Nice place to stay in Algarve

Posted on Tuesday, 19 February, 2008 by


We have really enjoyed staying at this place in the east of the Algarve: Quinta Monte Serra, in Estiramantens near Tavira. It’s an old farm, not too far from Faro, close to friendly fishersfolk villages like Olhão and Tavira. A haven from hectic life with 4 beautiful appartments, and lots of space indoors and out. The place -for me- has exactly the right mix between authentic and luxurious, and never too straigthened out. We were in an appartment for 4, with the kids, and for them as well it is a great, adventurous place with lots of space. The house had a good wood stove so it was comfortably warm.
The “cottage” (for two) is especially nice, with hardwooden floors, lots of living space and beautiful antique details in the interior. It brings up visions of overwintering with your loved one: a bath, a big bed, and a large kitchen/living, all built around a central fireplace. If you read Dutch, there is no need to bring books: there are some good books on the shelves.

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