What goes around comes around

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January, 2008 by


Today Portugal feels like spring, and I have felt springy as well: full of energy, full of promise, optimistic, ready for a growth jump…. and at times also tense and short tempered like a spring.

I can, still far ahead, begin to see how fractals come together, start forming patterns. How contacts, interesting people, little bits of information, little tiny learning experiences, feeds i follow, start to make sense. I have listened long enough to web2.0 to see its potential and listened to others again to see its limitations. I now want to go open doors and windows to the echo chamber of web2.0 to other spheres where it may help make a difference. I have some idea now about how we can let in the personal without loosing focus. How we can accomodate for little sweet voices. How I can have a voice without adding to the noise. I will keep knitting, weaving, tying to connect conversations to make a difference.

Sometimes i can see the patterns and can see my own little spot in the pattern. Just sometimes. But it will come.

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