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I am an inMacgrant; i have recently switched from PCs to Mac, when i decided my new laptop would not be a Vista machine, but rather a Mac. I was struggling to make myself at home in this laptop where my clock and icons are in a different corner, there is no right mouse button, no delete button (only backspace) and ctrl-c and ctrl-v do not copy and paste. It made me feel like an immigrant in a new country. But after a while you get used to it, and really; the rest is pretty much the same. It works fine.
However, to people around me it is not the same, especially to the Apple-adepts. Apple has somehow managed to cultivate this “us” feeling in a very good way, and suddenly I am “one of us” which is very funny. Slowly I am discovering how We Mac-users are slightly superior to PC users, how our Macs always run smoother, our programs look better and how overall WE have an eye for design.

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