InMacgration (2): Apples and Moles

Posted on Thursday, 10 January, 2008 by


I like the feel of an empty agenda at the start of a new year.

I know I don’t need an agenda. I have G-cal online, which synchs with iCal for when I can’t get online, and a little paper notebook for notes for when I am not at the computer. Neither of those will synchronize with a paper agenda, so having one is a sure way for confusion and duplication.

I still went to select one. In a Staples hypermarket, november last year, between stacks and stacks of agendas, I found a shelf with very simple, pain, black agendas. I bought one.

I came to a bloggers dinner and was surprised to see a friend had one just like it. “oh, you mean my moleskine” she said, while pointing to someone else’ agenda across the table, same style. And it appeared ALL of us had this type of agendas, which I now know are moleskines. All of the moles are applers too. I might be affected worse than I thought.

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