Learning Partners

Posted on Monday, 7 January, 2008 by


at Bev’s Bar ~good coffee and free wifi

(update: pic is from another day and was added later)

Last week I went to Bev´s place in Setúbal to pick up our routine of spending Wednesday mornings together. With the quiteness just after the holidays and the newness of a whole year ahead of us, we had some time to reflect.

Jointly we are working on a number of projects. Today we agreed to continue as “learning partners” and we filled in what that means to us:

  • to continue spending the wednesdays / wednesday mornings together, f2f
  • to discuss our projects or things we read, and give ourselves homework
  • and TO WRITE A BLOGPOST within the same session with some, –any– result of that day’s session (bev’s blog is here)

We hope to accelerate and document our learning this way, and also increase our capacity to work together, as along the way we are streamlining and practicing our collaboration skills. This ranges from documents exchange, to tagging skills, to developing a joint repertoire, learning a shared language. It is also a way to discipline ourselves to schedule and set aside time for learning. It is so easy to postpone reading that article!
It is a community-of-practice way of continuing learning, and for me it is important for the three reasons of community, domain and practice.
The discovery today that what seemed like a crisp-fresh, virgin new year, has actually quite a lot of commitments in it already was a bit daunting… but it still feels exciting and challenging to be keeping track of it together with this and other partners in learning.
We are preparing for a learning event on marketing and outreach of communities of practice this week. Next week we will be talking about trans literacy (this article).