Learning log

Posted on Wednesday, 26 December, 2007 by


Willing to get into the habit of blogging daily more frequently. A resolution for 2008: keeping up the learning pace and re-ifying it by logging it. So.

Off and on i´ve followed Shirleys “50 books”; a short note about the 50 books she read in 2007. I am not sure if I will get to 50, but I will start by adding notes of this first book.

I read Roddy Doyle’s “Come On Play That Thing”. Stripped from emotion. How an Irish man on the run makes a life in the States. Some insight in Irish resistance, black-white oppositions in the States, the early jazz scene with Louis Armstrong and the crisis with exteme poverty and ‘bootleggers’. I know too little of any of these to be able to put the book in perspective. Beautiful sec description of main character’s love for several women. The writing was at times too fragmented, with two scenes interwoven, a line of each. Which creates the confusion or displacement which the character really feels at that moment, but which is also really tiring for the reader. Did not read as easy as other Roddy Doyles i’ve read.