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Josien Kapma, Dutch by origin, located near Lisbon, Portugal, is an independent consultant specialized in institutional development. She looks at organizations from a perspective which puts the following very centrally:

  • knowledge and learning (where is learning located, how does knowledge flow in, out and accross the organization),
  • communication (within and across organizational boundaries) and
  • the social networks thus emerging.

Trained as an engineer (MSc), social by nature, with a management diploma from the UK, she helps organizations find pragmatic solutions for more effective learning and collaboration.

She is bilingual in Dutch and English and has good working knowledge of Portuguese.

Examples of issues she can assist with:

  • Our company would benefit from better contact with our clients (or shareholders/suppliers/employees). But how to establish that?
  • We have to undergo a complex change process. It will affect many different people, so we want to involve as many as possible in the core-process. How to do that -without it becoming unmanageable or very expensive?
  • How to bring our strategy and communication better in line?
  • I have a website but… it doesn’t seem to work
  • What could a blog, or wiki mean to my company?
  • Somehow our organizaton is not performing well… there is a potential locked… we would like to become a learning organization- where to start?
  • How can departments collaborate better?
  • I want the world to know about our new service/product!
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