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I was continuing my quest for webhosts and site-building and spent some hours of interesting surfing. At first webpublishing was only for developers, now it’s for each blogger. Surely, in the same way, community platforms will become simpler to put together? So I looked for services where you can build a community portal in a modular, simple way. I am thinking of a kind of pimped Yahoo group, only with many more possibilities.

I found commercial platform builders that do not let you manage the assembling. I also found many social networking things, but what I want is something you set up as an established group, to network internally in your group. In some of the social networking tools you can have a separate group or network. For example, the portuguese branch of BNI, a business network, kind of merged with the Portuguese group in E-cademy. So BNI members now use E-cademy software for their own network, while other E-cademy members cannot come in. So this gives some of the exclusivity I want. But still, that is not offering the ease of use (should be so easy to set up that your would do it even for a temporary thing, like a family wedding) and flexibility I am looking for.

I also found Goingon.com. From their site:

Organizations of all size can use GoingOn to build interactive communities around their most important initiatives and benefit from the open and compatible "network of networks" environment.

GoingOn Networks allows companies to:

  • Set-up your own brand network within minutes and build an interactive community around your initiatives and ideas
  • Easy-to-use weblog publishing system that incorporates the latest blogging, search, tagging, and feeds.
  • Powerful community management system with full-access controls
  • Real-time access to full range of network traffic, member, and content data & analytics
  • Fully hosted, scalable and secure platform

This is one of their networks http://opensourceforum.goingon.com/

It looks promising, although there are many questions. Is this what I have been looking for?

update: just now discovering a wealth of hosted services too, of which Bryght and aroundme seem most interesting

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