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I want to make a website for my consultancy business. My wish list:

  • full control not only over text but also over architecture of the site, but in a very simple way as I do not know code
  • a basic site now, but with the possibility to expand in future, even host clients projects and link wikis etc
  • I am willing to dive into some system and invest time to learn it, but if I do it should be good enough for full size community work.
  • my proper domain name
  • ease of maintenance
  • open source software
  • low cost

There´s different steps:

  1. making the site and maintaining it
  2. registering a domain
  3. uploading & hosting of the site

For each of these traditionally you would pay. Bloggers’ services have turned this around: I have made some sites on wordpress, which is quite easy to master for non-techies like me, you borrow their domain for free (but you have to accept the “” to your sites address), the uploading is instantly and hosting is free. You do your own updating and maintenance. So WordPress could probably do the job, but if I want my proper domain, I am directed from to and it looks much more complicated. I have to download programs, and hosting is separate in that case. Bluehost seems to host for 7 U$/month, includig a free domain. (but what will the domain address look like?)

I found squarespace, which I instantly fell in love with for its intuitive assembling, very clear and easy, and their beautiful styles. I had my site built even before noticing that it is not a free service: hosting is paid. They very generously let you tinker with all they have on offer for a month, but afterwards you pay. And if you do not want their name in your address you cannot go for the 7 U$ package, but go to the 12U$/month. You need to come up with your own registered domain, and there is no email with the same domain. There is no nice “export” function to make your site in Squarespace and then host it elsewhere, you can only get a rough xml backup. So in about three weeks the site I built will drop of unless I do something.

I wondered about joomla, drupal or moodle, but my spirits drop when I see the opening portals. I can see it will take lots of time to master these…

I think these are my two best options now:

  1. making and maintenance: WordPress
  2. registering a domain AND 3. uploading & hosting of the site: a host, e.g. Bluehost for minimum of 7 US/month

Questions: Is the domain I might get free with the host a registered domain, meaning can I use it also if I move? Would a local portuguese webhost also do; do they work with WordPress?

  1. making and maintenance AND 3. upload and hosting: Squarespace for minimum of 12 U$/month
  2. registering a domain

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