Pro and con of online life

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Note these two opposite views:

Cindy commented on my blogpost on niche-finding about the how online life can isolate and create social problems:

"You see, the problems with internet is, it is a silent and closed world. I can type my life away and talking to all these other people online, yet, anyone around me in the physical world would not know anything about it UNLESS I invite them into my virtual world!! And that is creating more and more social problems.

In the physical world, I might do something that people around me dislike, but at least they know what I am doing. For the same tokens, I might not be interested in something that others are doing, but at least I know what are happening around me. In the cyberworld, we don’t. We lock ourselves in our silent world.

I am actually trying to get out of this virtual world. I am limiting myself on how much time I want to spend online."

While Beverly wrote in her blog quite the opposite: how f2f and online contact is mutually enriching, but the online contact is somehow less one-dimensional:

"It reinforced for me that way that knowing someone online changes your relationship with them when you meet them f2f and the way that changes your relationship with them online… The two modes make for a different type of understanding and reading of a person than you get if you know someone only in one mode.

In fact, knowing someone only f2f seems so one-dimensional that you wonder why people do it! Only communicating with someone same-time same-place is like always talking to them through a glass door."

I can understand both very well. In fact so well that I really don´t know who to agree with. But I am discovering…

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