When does niche finding become group-think?

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Thanks to blogging you can now find those very few other people around the globe who share your interest, and chat/think/share with them on a daily basis. In the mean time as an effect, your dealings and encounters with less likeminded people are reduced. Now what does this mean? Is our communication getting richer or poorer? Deeper, but narrower? Now what are the risks of groupthink occurring? Is it really so cross-cultural as it seems? Recently I read up on intercultural communication and was interested to see a research where it was found that class barriers are often more important than cultural barriers: a higher class Londoner has more in common with a higher class Indian than with a lower class Londoner. Bloggers all over the world have more in common with other bloggers than with their neighbours. 

When living in Egypt we would take camping trips into the desert. For safety reasons it was best to go with at least three cars. So every weekend we were camping out in a deserted desert with people with whom we did not necessarily have a lot in common except for having the urge (and the 4WD) to get out of Cairo. We got to know people who we would otherwise have ignored, and it turned out to be very worthwhile.

Will web 2.0 thus open our horizons or close them?

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